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The secret of fate

If it is fate, through many obstacles, you will finally meet the object you need to meet. If there is a blessing, even if it is not intentionally arranged, there are people who share sadness and happiness at the right time. Born into this world, everyone has a mission. Whether ordinary or outstanding, your appearance has its own meaning and value. After all, everyone is primarily for themselves. Being willing…

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The person coming is a coincidence, the person going is the fate

There are predestined conditions that must be lost from the hands of people to know they used to have, and then can’t keep up. There are predestined relationships like the wind, which can’t be seen or kept, but can be clearly felt when it’s gone. There are some predestined relationship If everyone comes and goes through each other with the footsteps of love, whether it is a union or a…

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The Zen Master and the angry young man

Sometimes, we cling too tightly to things that do not belong to us, so we unintentionally hurt and do not accept the changes that come. Meeting or parting is both a predestined relationship, cherish what you have and happily accept it when things change. It was just sunset, suddenly a young man, with an angry expression on his face, ran up a mountain screaming. This young man’s screams disturbed a…