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The Buddha sewed clothes for his disciples

Despite being allowed by the Buddha to accept offerings from Buddhists, some monks still prefer the holy life, wearing algal robes, that is, continuing to pick up cloths in landfills or in living quarters. the graveyard to bring home a garment to wear. To whom was the Buddha’s robes transmitted? I don’t know when, every early autumn, the leaves ripen on the tree, the rain falls, signaling the return of…

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Washing clothes is also a practice

Have you ever considered washing clothes by hand as a practice? Not only doing laundry, but all your work, if done with mindfulness and insight, is all Buddha work, leading to the achievement of liberation from suffering. The late HT.Thich Chan Thien once taught: “Life is a religion, that religion is full of greed, hatred, and delusion. The Tao is also life, but in this life there is no greed,…