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Golden monastery in the middle of the land of clouds in Myanmar

Taung Kalat Monastery is one of the most amazing Buddhist scenic spots in Myanmar. To reach Taung Kalat Monastery, visitors have to go all the way up to exactly 777 steps and those who reach the top will have an extremely breathtaking panoramic view. The “golden plated” temple is known as the “golden temple of Thailand” in Vietnam Taung Kalat is a monastery with a rather special location when it…

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Green forest without clouds from

On the spiritual path, sometimes people please and beautify each other, not by the cover of knowledge and mastery of the Sacred Treasures but by vibrations in morality and human personality. Life sometimes doesn’t need too many reasons and thoughts to really admire and respect someone. Because in fact, on the spiritual path, sometimes people please and beautify each other not with the cover of understanding and mastery of the…

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Old road with white clouds

Venerable Svastika clearly saw that the way to continue the Buddha’s career was to look at things mindfully as the Buddha did, walk with serene steps as the Buddha walked, and smile a compassionate smile like the Buddha did. Where to meet Buddha? Seeing that it was already morning, Venerable Anuruddha told Venerable Ananda: – The brother went into the city of Kusinara and informed the people in charge that…