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Correct understanding of 2 words: ”Duy Duyen”

When encountering troubles, difficulties, or encountering a deadlock or awkward situation, people often blurt out two words: “Depends”. That’s the saying of many people, but understanding its deep meaning is not a simple matter. In fact, it’s not an easy thing to do by chance. Must be someone with a certain realm of thought to really understand and do this well. The so-called “dependence” here is not arbitrary or subject…

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Correct understanding of Buddha

Although the Buddha has entered Nirvana, the Buddha’s mind covers all kinds of sentient beings. Buddha is always beside us, loves us, protects us, and blesses us when we think of Him. The Buddha listened to each sentence of repentance, sympathizing with each belated tear Happy for us when we see always living in the grace of the Buddha. Those who, when facing the Buddha image, still consider the Buddha…