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Buddha’s Enlightenment – Why should Buddhist disciples remember this holiday?

Miraculously, fortunately for those who are enlightened by the Way of Bodhi, by the truths that the Tathagata has spent millions of eons of asceticism. Thanks to these truths, life lessens so much suffering, the soul clears away so much darkness. From time immemorial, human beings and all sentient beings in different realms have been immersed in suffering since time immemorial. When people are born, they are immediately surrounded by…

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Posting the precepts of monks and novices for the disciples The Great Precepts of Nghe Tinh Buddha Calendar 2565

On December 12, the 5th Great Ordination of Nghe Tinh – Buddhist calendar 2565 of Nghe An and Ha Tinh Buddhism was solemnly held at Ha Tinh Buddhist Cultural Center (Ho Do commune, Loc Ha district, Ha Tinh province). ). Most Venerable Thich Thanh Dam, Deputy Dharma Master of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, currently on the First Road of the Most Venerable All the karmic masters and monastics gather at…

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The Buddha sewed clothes for his disciples

Despite being allowed by the Buddha to accept offerings from Buddhists, some monks still prefer the holy life, wearing algal robes, that is, continuing to pick up cloths in landfills or in living quarters. the graveyard to bring home a garment to wear. To whom was the Buddha’s robes transmitted? I don’t know when, every early autumn, the leaves ripen on the tree, the rain falls, signaling the return of…