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The ancient temple on the cliff once appeared in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Phuc Khanh Pagoda is one of China’s largest and most unique hanging pagodas. The temple is located in the scenic complex of Cang Nham mountain, in Hebei province. Hebei Province, China is famous for its many scenic spots and unique local cuisine and culture. Besides, this place also has a long history marked by ancient architectural works that still exist to this day. In which, must mention Phuc Khanh hanging…

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The ceremony of resting the body of the dragon on the throne of Dai Hung Bao Truong Phuc Temple

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva’s ordination (September 19 of the lunar calendar), the morning of October 25, in Kim Dai 3 village (Huu Bang commune, Kien Thuy district, Hai Phong city) solemnly took place. Ceremony to secure the throne of the great hero, the palace of Truong Phuc pagoda. Before officially conducting the ceremony, the venerable monks and nuns, together with the entire audience…