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Once in the ear, forever become a seed of the Way

When seeing people chanting sutras, seeing people reverent to the Three Jewels, one must definitely encourage them and praise them. This encouragement and praise not only has great benefits for them, but in fact also teaches some ignorant people. The ancient town of Pho Quang, the people of the world, only recited the scriptures, chanted praises of the scriptures, or respected the false, the monks of the hundred thousand means,…

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Reciting Quan Yin can escape the water ear

Flood waters swept away, people died; In the middle of the deep sea, Quan Am Buddha is present; Contemplation of contemplation of sound escapes the water ear. Once upon a time, there was a son of the Luu family, who used to believe in Quan The Am. One day, he had the heart to go to the court to pay homage to Puta Son. When returning, the boat went to…