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I Learned to Realize Emptiness (II)

Wu Tanh Khong is what is needed for enlightenment to eradicate greed, hatred, delusion, or liberate birth and death from samsara. I Learn to Realize Emptiness (I) Why learn about Emptiness? The essence of Buddhism is the cessation of suffering, that is, the cessation of greed, hatred, and delusion. To end Suffering is the Eightfold Path, the Seven Bodhi parts with the Seven Factors of Enlightenment are the Four Foundations…

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I Learn to Realize Emptiness (I)

Emptiness was born a long time after the Buddha’s death, promoted by Bodhisattva Nagarjuna through the Madhyamaka Commentary. Although the Buddha spoke about Emptiness during his lifetime through the Agama and Nikaya Sutras. Here Buddha talked about the monastic nature of monastics. People whose mind is ordained but whose body is not ordained are called laypeople. And people whose mind and body are ordained are called monks. Emptiness is also…