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Save the ants and return the favor to escape

Don’t think it’s a myth that ants return gratitude. Every little insect has an inexplicable story. Phu Duong district in the land of Ngo has a man named Dong Chieu Chi, one day while sailing across the Tien Duong River, he suddenly saw an ant crawling on a reed tree in the middle of the river, wanting to pick up the reed trunk on the boat to save his son.…

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Reciting Quan Yin can escape the water ear

Flood waters swept away, people died; In the middle of the deep sea, Quan Am Buddha is present; Contemplation of contemplation of sound escapes the water ear. Once upon a time, there was a son of the Luu family, who used to believe in Quan The Am. One day, he had the heart to go to the court to pay homage to Puta Son. When returning, the boat went to…

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Escape from bombing in Egypt by keeping the Great Compassion Mantra

For a whole month now, every day at 4 am, I can’t sleep anymore. Going upstairs, lighting incense on the Buddha altar, I recite the Great Compassion Mantra. > Buddhists can read more articles about the Great Compassion Mantra The true story is recorded from the narration of the character who survived the trip. According to zing.vn information, at 6:15 pm (Egypt time) on December 28, 2018, on El Maryoutiya…