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Watch the waves rise and fall

No matter what prosperity we have, it is not as important as whether we have attachment in our hearts or not, because that attachment is the source of samsara, the aunt with the wide path to liberation… Four methods of liberation I don’t know why the temple burned down. The abbot was calm before the situation could not be saved and then calmly walked out of the fire. A guest…

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Right thinking causes defilements to fall

Thinking is an important part of life. Wrong thinking will lead to unwholesome karma. Right thinking will avoid evil and achieve good deeds. The right understanding and thinking will support each other on the career path. “Once upon a time, the Buddha was traveling in Cau-Lou, in the hamlet of Kien-ma-m-ma-m-m-dam, the capital of Cau-lou. At that time the Blessed One said to the bhikkhus: – Due to knowledge, due…