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The story of the ferryman taking the monk across the river

Legend has it that Quan Am Dai Si often incarnated all kinds of forms to save sentient beings with predestined conditions. There is a monk who practices diligently but has not yet attained enlightenment. There is a river in front of the temple. Three days later, the monk crosses the river to visit a friend. The Blessing of Guan Yin Buddha Illustration. One day, the monk got on a boat…

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The ferryman on the river of knowledge

On the way to cultivate the path of career, the monastic, thanks to the teachings of the master, has a dignified body, a square and round conduct, and lives a life free from the world. Through the time of setting up to study, meeting the chance to meet the teachers who teach the law, the wisdom roots increase, and the vows become more stable. The light monastic life crosses every…