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Send me a little love

My childhood was also very poor / But life is still happy with Buddha… / My son, poor can still laugh / Still rich in the vast sky… My son, the poor still know how to laugh. Still rich in the vast sky.. My son! poor situation! The next day when you grow up, remember to sow good deeds.. Though life is under thatched hut Knowing cultivation, giving alms, knowing…

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Love is a miracle

HT. Like Thai Hoa Love is not only able to subdue the seeds of anger and blame in us, but also has the ability to subdue all the seeds of covetousness in us. Love is giving, is giving, is giving and giving. When love is present in us, anger and blame are gone. As the love in us grows, the anger and blame in us shrinks and the happiness and…

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Without love, life will be extinguished

Everyone is like that, throughout our lives, we always live by the love of others. When we were born, we were protected and nurtured in the love of our parents. When we go to school, we study and perfect our personality in the love of teachers and friends. When we grow up, we live in the love of our family, of our spouse, to build a nest with us, creating…