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The meaning of transcendence and transcendence in the Mong Son rite of giving food (part II)

The reason why the Trai Dan Trieu rite has hundreds of such short and long texts is because it comes from the great thought of great compassion, great vows, and transcendence of monks and nuns and Buddhists. . The meaning of super-degree and high-level in the Mong Son rite of giving food (part I) Musical harp – praying for super souls who died because of Covid-19 at Buu Da Pagoda…

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The meaning of super-degree and high-level in the Mong Son rite of giving food (part I)

The ritual Trai dan euthanasia, or transcending the soul, falling ghosts, and spirits was born when the Buddha was still in the world. In the sutra, it is clearly stated that the Buddha instructed Ananda to offer many offerings for the hungry ghosts to be eaten by contact with food and food, in order such as: shopping for cooked food, putting it on the table. , has a floral, fruity…

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Waste of food has to pay karma

People because they are oversized, go over to his house to ask for leftovers to feed their children to help with hunger, but he coldly waved his hand, determined not to give it. It was better to put food in the trash, not to help people. That cruel act made many people resentful. Many years ago, when her aunt returned to her husband’s house, her father-in-law was the richest man…

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Mindfulness is the ‘food’ of the mind every day

If our mind is always mindful and alert, aware of our actions, we know clearly that good and bad things are definitely not safe to come, and we don’t think about unsafe things. So you will be at peace at that moment. Illustration When we know we are near death, are we really at peace? If peace of mind is not present, then fear and suffering will conquer our entire…

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Hanoi allows some districts to sell food and drink to take home

On September 15, Hanoi People’s Committee issued Document No. 3084/UBND-KGVX on adjusting a number of measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the area. Accordingly, from 12 a.m. on September 16, districts, towns that have not yet recorded any cases of infection in the community (from the time of implementation of Directive No. 20 on September 3 of the City People’s Committee) are allowed to operate on a…

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Eat less food in the evening and reflect on death

Eat less food in the evening and reflect on death and impermanence before you go to bed. The dreams of an ordinary person are manifestations of good and evil imprints in the mind. When the air energies enter the impure channels of the defilements, we experience nightmares. We should understand that all are impermanent dharmas that must disintegrate, with no solid entity at all. Nightmares are the self-light of negative…

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Bau Hut Pagoda donates 5 tons of rice and other food to 20 Khmer temples

On the morning of September 3, 2021, Venerable Thach Minh Hung, Chief Secretary of the Social Affairs Committee of the Union of Patriotic Monks in Cau Ngang District, the abbot of Bau Hut Pagoda visited and offered 5 tons of rice and other necessities to visit. 20 Khmer Theravada Buddhist temples, affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in Cau Ngang district, Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province. In the spirit of…

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Prom Pagoda donates food and food to people in need

On the morning of August 29, 2021, Venerable Thach Sa Thanh – Vice Chairman of Cau Ke District Patriotic Solidarity Association, Abbot of Prom Pagoda continued to support 1 ton of rice and 1,000 eggs for needy people in (commune) Chau Dien, Cau Ke district, Tra Vinh province). > Latest Buddhism News With the vow “Serving sentient beings is practically making offerings to the Buddhas”, in order to help relatives…

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Thien Quang Charity Fund supports food to frontline doctors and hospital doctors

From July 6 to August 22, Thien Quang Charity Foundation (Di An – Binh Duong) led by Nun Thich Nu Huong Nhu, abbot implemented the “Gratitude Meal” program to support quality food. to frontline doctors treating Covid-19 at hospitals. In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the medical industry is considered the most arduous battlefield, and doctors and nurses in frontline hospitals are working under pressure and stress with a…

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Tan Long Pagoda provides food support in blockade areas

On August 13, Tan Long Pagoda, Tan Thuan Tay Commune, City. Cao Lanh, Dong Thap have supported the quarantine checkpoints and people in the commune and surrounding areas with items such as; rice, noodles, mineral water, vegetables and fruits and essential food to the posts and poor households in the commune. CTV .