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Don’t look for the past, don’t think about the future

Buddha taught, past, future form impermanent (過去, 未來色無常). Impermanence is the law of birth and death of all things. All things are subject to the law of birth, growth, change, and death. Doom for continuity. Because there is continuity happening every moment, things are not permanent. Even the body of the five aggregates is impermanent: Form, feeling, perception, mental formations, and consciousness are impermanent. When a moment passes, the present…

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Buddha’s teachings about immediate and future retribution

Belief in cause and effect, fear of retribution in this life and future lives will contribute to the formation of personality and morality for each person. As a child of Buddha, understanding the teachings we need to study diligently… At one time, the Blessed One was staying at Sàvatthi, in the garden of Anathapindika. There, the Blessed One called the monks: Monks, there are two kinds of offenses. how is…