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Hate bad things but don’t hate bad people

When encountering things against their will, or encountering unpleasant or unpleasant people, etc., evil people are often angry, easily angered, and prone to conflicts. As for the gentle people, they are not angry, but just want to slowly find a way to save people. That kind of tolerance is only found in meek and humble people. A tolerant, generous person will not hate anyone, everyone they will love, they will…

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The benevolent and generous hearts of the two queens of the Tran Dynasty

Thuan Thanh Bao Tu and Hien Tu Tuyen Thanh are two empresses who have left a lasting reputation on the virtues of the Tran Dynasty. Lessons from the sweeper Remembering the Tran dynasty, one of the most brilliant dynasties in our country’s history, not only famous for its glorious feat of defeating the Nguyen – Mong invaders, but also for its mighty emperors and sects, but also of queens with…