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Tet gift giving ceremony at Lien Phai pagoda

This morning (January 9, 2022) at Lien Phai Pagoda (Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi) there was a gift giving ceremony for disadvantaged households in the area of ​​Hai Ba Trung district. The gift-giving ceremony is meant to help households celebrate the Lunar New Year joyfully and completely. At Lien Phai Pagoda, a gift-giving ceremony was held for people in difficult circumstances, victims of Agent Orange… in Hai Ba Trung district.…

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Happiness is the most precious gift in life

Life is too short, we don’t need to attach too much importance to money, we shouldn’t make it difficult for ourselves, we don’t need to calculate our gain and loss. When we get old, we will discover that everything is outside the body, happiness is the most precious gift. Eat with a natural, happy attitude Therefore, even if you are tired, you must remember to exercise your body, even if…

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A smile is a priceless gift

Smile at each other, even if it’s someone you don’t know, that smile will illuminate the dark corners of your soul and brighten up even the darkest places. Grandparents often say: “One smile is equal to ten tonic scales”. Things will be simpler than you think if you give each other a smile from your sincere heart, meet someone you don’t know, you greet each other with a smile that…