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This world cultivates goodness a day and night for more than a hundred years doing good deeds in the Western Land of Bliss

In this realm, practicing even though ‘one day and one night is better than doing good for a hundred years in the Buddha Land of Infinite Life’, ‘for ten days and ten nights is better than doing good for a thousand years in other Buddha lands’. In the Manjushri Dharma Assembly, in the Bao Tich Sutra, it is said: ‘If there were living beings in that Buddha-land to practice the…

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Sowing seeds of goodness from doing good deeds will bring blessings

Each good deed you sow for life more seeds of happiness and also makes your life more valuable. The Buddha taught us to know how to let go of greed, selfishness, petty, meanness…. Spread positive energy Spreading positive energy is a kind of good behavior. While inspiring others, you also receive blessings. On the one hand, the person who is able to spread positive energy is first of all a…

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Lots of insecurities but still a lot of goodness

Normally, with Buddhists, whenever they encounter a negative scene, something unsatisfactory, they often complain: the end of the Dharma age is more bad and less good! Corona Virus – Insecurity and calm An elderly teacher also shared that now he doesn’t want to read the newspaper, because in the morning when he flips a few newspapers, his limbs are weak, because he has to read too much bad news. That…