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Avoiding great tribulation by not being greedy for falling

This is the inevitable law of fate, whether people know it or not. A knowledgeable person is one who obeys the law of good and evil. Doing good deeds will be rewarded. If Vuong Minh has a mind, take that large amount of silver and leave because he wants to change his life. The story goes that there was a man named Duc Thien. He works for a company specializing…

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Greedy hungry ghosts

The Buddha again said to Moggallana: “The old bourgeois wife who once maliciously starved that monk, is now the hungry ghost you met. Therefore, you bhikkhus should practice generosity, not be greedy and stingy.” Buddhist fairy tale: A baby offering flowers In Buddhism, it is said that the three paths of suffering are hell, hungry ghosts, and animals. Illustration. At that time, the Buddha was in the city of Vajrasattva,…