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Six words to be very careful

People living in real life, talking is easy, but how to make words valuable is the difference. Regardless of age, it is necessary to accumulate “oral virtue”. The words that should not be said should never be uttered, and the stories that should not be told should not be mentioned. First, be very careful with these six types of speech: 1. Straight speech Straightforward words are words that have not…

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Cherish every word, please don’t hurt!

“Speaking to hurt others, is like this nail, although you can recover it, the damage done is like a scar on a tree trunk, forever indelible.” Once, a monk came to a village, a young man said some disrespectful words to the monk, another criticized this young man, the young man eloquently said: “No Just a few good sentences, I apologize to him!”. When the monk heard this, he smiled,…