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Life is the manifestation of the mind

The mind that governs and the mind that creates, gives birth to all things. Kindness makes us say, we do, and when we say and do, there is an effect. Cultivating the Way is not far away, it is in your heart A mind filled with anger and delusion will speak unpleasant words, ruining our relationships. Thus we fail. If the mind is clear, wise, and full of love, then…

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Keep your mind clean

As a disciple of the Buddha, everyone knows the famous verse, which is considered the quintessence and principle of the Buddha’s teachings: “Do not do evil deeds, diligently do good deeds, keep a pure mind, that is the word. Buddha taught” (Dharma, verse 183). A pure mind can be generalized as being free from greed, without hatred, and without delusion. Living according to the Buddha’s teachings, we can go gradually,…