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The 136-year-old nun recites the Buddha’s name to save the indestructible vajra body

“Keep your oral karma, become half Buddha”. It is a reminder to practice for women at home as well as ordination of monk Ms. Chieu Phap at Phat Hoa Thien Tu, one of the 5 largest ancient temples at Cuu Hoa mountain, Thanh Duong district, Anh Huy province, China. Country. Immortal image and indestructible body of Sister Chieu Phap Sister Chieu Phap was born on March 12, Dong Tri year…

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Legend of the ‘Indestructible Arm’ of ‘Master Kiem’ in Ha Tinh

I knew about Huong Pagoda before I knew Monk Kiem, but the reputation of Mr. Phan Trong Kiem and his ‘indestructible arm’ made the temple more sacred among the Nghe Tinh masses. Memories of Master Kiem in Ha Tinh On the occasion of Buddha’s birthday, remember the monk Huong Tich Ha Tinh cut his own hand In the midst of the hot, fiery summer of 1979, with the desire to…