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Peace of mind for a peaceful and happy life

Living in the present moment is the practical spirit of a true Buddhist. People live with too much worry, too much fear, they will not be peaceful, peaceful, happy at all. Buddha lived very peacefully and calmly before all the fluctuations of life. How to have peace of mind? Even if he was scolded, criticized, criticized or slandered by others, he still controlled himself peacefully and freely. An anxious night…

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Keep your mind in one place, nothing is not accomplished

The Buddha taught that when cultivating a peaceful mind, everything is good – “The mind is at peace with all dharmas”, “The mind is single in the land, without any objection”. This is the mantra of the Buddha. In times of trouble, if we calm down, we will overcome the danger. On the contrary, if the mind is confused, the job will be broken and serious consequences will occur. Therefore,…

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365 days of peace of mind – a cure for the soul

Human life is 100 years, each year has 365 days, 365 days of 12 months, 12 months of 4 seasons Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Reflect and ask yourself, how many quiet moments has this soul had, how many days have it been truly peaceful? Finding peace in the midst of a stressful life Is it possible that for so long, we have been so busy chasing after money, talent,…