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Overcoming the fear of the Covid epidemic season

Up to now, I have been no longer afraid, no longer insecure, but have learned to appreciate the happy conditions that I have more. I respect you Master, Dear teachers, ladies and gentlemen! In the past few days, many provinces and cities of Vietnam have been greatly affected by the Covid epidemic. In many places of social distancing, hospitals are overloaded because the number of infections keeps increasing; Newspapers and…

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Lots of insecurities but still a lot of goodness

Normally, with Buddhists, whenever they encounter a negative scene, something unsatisfactory, they often complain: the end of the Dharma age is more bad and less good! Corona Virus – Insecurity and calm An elderly teacher also shared that now he doesn’t want to read the newspaper, because in the morning when he flips a few newspapers, his limbs are weak, because he has to read too much bad news. That…