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Of all kinds of giving, the Dharma giving is the greatest

The light of truth and of the Dharma will pervade everywhere, dispelling the darkness in the hearts of so many people. That merit is boundless, immeasurable, immeasurable. The Buddha said: Of all kinds of giving, the giving of the Dharma is the greatest, the merit surpassing all. In the practice of giving, the Dharma is divided into many categories, such as sermons, discussions of the Dharma, teachings of the great…

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Four kinds of bliss

Happiness in life is relative, depending on the concept of each person, but true happiness, true peace, there is only one, only, that is pure body and mind. At one time, the Blessed One was staying among the people at Koli with the bhikkhus. Then the householder Anāthapindika went to pay homage, and the Blessed One said to Anāthapindika: “There are these four kinds of happiness, householder, the householder enjoys…

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Seven kinds of worldly blessings

Only then do we know that we only need to respect and believe in the Three Jewels, take refuge in the heart, and uphold the five precepts that we have set our first step on the Noble Path. All the merits, blessings, and saints that emerge from the world begin here. Illustration. “Once upon a time, the Buddha traveled to Kosara, living in the garden of Cusala. At that time,…