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Mindfulness of bodily actions, paying attention, knowing the actions of the body

Mindfulness of bodily actions is an important practice to control all movements of the body, maintain mindfulness while working, walking and living… Once the Blessed One was living among the Sumbha people in the town of Sedaka. There, the Blessed One taught the monks: “Bhikkhus, if a large number of people gathered to see a beautiful girl dancing and singing with all her charm. Then a man came, wanting to…

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Ignorance is not knowing impermanence, arising and passing away

Vipassana in Buddhism is wisdom, seeing as it really is about all dharmas. When the Buddha attained enlightenment, he proved the Tam Minh (Tuc Mang Minh, Thien Nhan Minh, Luu Tam Minh). The Arahants who testify to the Way are ignorant and perishable. Every moment, we Buddhist disciples are still practicing vipassana, promoting mindfulness and awareness to see that all dharmas are impermanent, arising and passing away, and not self.…

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Happiness is knowing enough

“Knowing enough is happiness. Leave behind what is not yours. Don’t carry too much to make your walk light and peaceful…” Living in the life of people who know enough is the richest and happiest person Once upon a time in the story of eating star fruit and paying for gold, the younger brother lived a happy life because he was not greedy. Even though he was standing by the…