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Living well in the pandemic season is the happiest

Living knowing enough is the best attitude of life that the Buddhas of the three generations have ever proclaimed, the Saints have tried their best to practice, of course the Buddha’s disciples need to seriously implement it as a method of religious life to aim for. end of suffering. In the midst of the complicated COVID-19 pandemic in real life not only in our country but all over the world,…

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Need to know moderation when eating

Overeating is a source of obesity, accelerated aging and impacts on health. So everyone, please choose for yourself a suitable method of eating, eating in moderation, with mindfulness to ensure health and avoid these diseases. In the Samyutta Nikāya, the Mahayana Sutra tells a story that happened when the Buddha was staying at the Jetavana monastery in Savathi in connection with King Pasenadi, the Kosala kingdom. as follows: At that…

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The Buddha’s teachings on the Dharma of minimal education

We come to Buddhism to be happier, more peaceful, not to be richer, higher status. When a person knows enough, has few desires, even his legitimate needs and desires cannot cloud his pure, healthy mind. The progress of science and technology brings many benefits to society, helps people improve their material life, brings people to a new height, is a valuable opportunity for a nation and a country to be…