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Let’s learn the law of discount stores

The gradual reduction is a method of approaching and reducing the defilements piecemeal, which is a common practice for beginners like most of us. “Once, the Buddha was traveling at Kosāsā, in the garden of Cuưla. At that time, the venerable Dai Chuna, at dusk, got up from his sitting position, went to the Buddha, and bowed down at his feet. Buddha, then sat down to one side, said: –…

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Afflictions and vices

Humans all have defilements, when they become habits, the feelings of afflictions gradually cease to exist, leaving only the phenomenon of afflictions, which is also a bad habit. Like a person who values ​​money like his life, seeing money like hunger and thirst, as soon as he sees money, he wants to take it for himself; This feeling of hunger is afflictive. If a person often has such a feeling…