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We often say: “This life is impermanent”. So what is impermanence?

We are different today than we were many years ago. There are things that used to be true in the past. Now that is no longer true. There are things that are wrong. Now it’s back to normal. Simply put, impermanence is today and tomorrow. Anything in this world is subject to the law of becoming, staying, breaking, and passing away. From tree stumps, blades of grass to money, relatives,…

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Peaceful view from the meditation window

It is not thanks to the carriage, not the horse, nor thanks to the fast and strong legs that people can overcome all the insecurities and reach a peaceful place. So how can I be at peace? Only when you master your mind, no longer let ordinary things take you away, can you go through all the turmoil and come to peace. Those are the lines shared by the author…