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People who listen to the Dharma are like water pouring leaves

Once the Blessed One was staying at Savatthi, in Anàthapindika’s garden, teaching the monks: “Monks, there are these three types of people appearing in the world. What is three? People with upside-down wisdom, people with low-level wisdom, people with vast wisdom. What, bhikkhus, is a person with upside down wisdom? Here, there are people who often go to listen to the Dharma. He, for the sermon, does not pay attention…

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‘Listen to the breath’ to heal the pain in the soul

Author Luu Dinh Long said that at any time, people need silence to understand themselves. Today, many young people want to have a quiet time after the chaos of life. Journalist Luu Dinh Long has just re-published and edited two books: The Heart Sutra he preaches to himself and Listening to the breath, published by Dan Tri Publishing House and SaigonBooks. He also conducts a series of psychotherapy books for…

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Give money to listen to Dharma

The bourgeois Alone had a grown-up son who was greedy for play, gambling, and knew nothing about the Buddhadharma. Illustration. Mr. Loneliness immediately used the means to bring his son into the religion. One day, he asked his son to say, “I’m busy with work today, I’ll go listen to the Dharma instead, I’ll give you 100,000 dong.” The son did not want to listen to the Dharma, but wanted…