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Luc Hoa – How to live peacefully in the middle of the world

Life is a relationship between man and man, as well as between man and nature. In the Buddhist teachings, there is a saying: “Buddhist Dharma is not separated from the world”. Because the Buddha was born like many people, he became enlightened in this world, and taught mankind the method of escaping suffering, and having peace and happiness in this life. Among the thousands of teachings left by the Buddha,…

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Live life to the fullest

There are many things, before they can be appreciated, they become a story. There are many people who, before they can care, become old people. Life doesn’t sell round-trip tickets – lost forever can’t get it back! Do you know? Hey kid, don’t hate others!! I hate people but they probably already know that. That way it’s only me who has to suffer. If you don’t like it, can’t love…

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Live peacefully and happily in the spirit of Buddhism

Peace and happiness are two basic categories in life that people always wish to achieve fully and completely, so that life can be more sublimated with faith and vitality during the turbulent life. . Clear your heart to live happily However, due to desire and attachment, the mind becomes increasingly insecure and happiness gradually departs. We are not satisfied with many wishes or our hearts are heavy because of the…

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Stay alert to live a peaceful life

The development of the digital technology era, material temptations and challenges from environmental crises, epidemics, economic and social problems, etc. make people tired and full of worries. Before that fast pace of life, there were countless lives lost and suffering. They want to find energies of love and empathy, moments of peace, and not being drawn to current dharmas to live a more peaceful life. Suffering from a hectic lifestyle…

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It is clear that there is nothing more durable to live better and lighter

Contemplation of impermanence is one of the basic content of Buddhist practice. Everything around us is always moving, changing every minute, every second. Seeing so clearly to know that what we often mistakenly perceive as me and mine, is eternal and unchanging, in fact nothing is stable at all. Realizing the fact that nothing is permanent is a difficult thing. It is even more difficult to establish a positive state…

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Learn to live without self

The worldly people are living in sickness, suffering, and affliction, which consumes their lives more and more every day. The Buddha taught Buddhists to live among sick people but not to be sick, to live healthy is really fun. The reason why we live apart is because of this self. If it doesn’t have it, what’s the difference? That is the root of the problem, so each person must know…

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Live memorial service commemorating the Venerable Thich Pho Tue

The memorial ceremony for the Venerable Most Venerable Thich Pho Tue, the Dharma Master of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha will be broadcast live on An Vien Television channel – BTV9; transmission on the official social media systems of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha such as Vietnamese Buddhist Youtube, Vietnamese Buddhist Fanpage, Vietnamese Buddhism TV… > Line of events about Dharma Master Thich Pho Tue .

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Live mindfully in every moment

“Being present” is the only way to live life to the fullest. Appreciate the moments in the present to live happily. Wake up today I see blue sky The sky is shining Your eyes are sparkling Wake up today I see steady legs Right hand lifting left hand I feel a big heart Wake up today My lips smile Chirping baby bird I find life happy Wake up today I…

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Master your mind to live a peaceful and happy life

We want to be successful, we must know how to transform our inner roots. That is called: “Within no chaos is meditation, outside without fighting is purity”… Peace of mind for a peaceful and happy life A world is developed and formed in many levels according to the blessings of that country, so we must also know how to deal with it in many different ways. But, the first condition…

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How to live safely before the pandemic

Many of you began to worry, bewildered by the constant spread of the disease. That fear makes many people “loss of food and sleep” worrying day and night. So how to have peace of mind – to face the pandemic, immediately apply the following 5 tips. Illustration. Practice the Buddha’s teachings to live a peaceful and happy life 1. Slow down, try once to apply mindfulness in life, don’t think…