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People are happy not because they have a lot, but because they calculate a little

There is rice to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, bed to sleep, mountains to climb, books to read, work to do, road to go, Spring to pick up, someone to be your main friend. is the greatest happiness already!? I am “possessing” a lot of happiness! A little simpler appearance, richer interior, a little less needs, richer spirit, a little more simple circumstances, richer space. Avoiding is not…

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The world today has a lot of accidents, where do they come from?

The cause is what we create, so of course we have to receive it ourselves. If we don’t want to receive evil retribution, is there any method? From the mind born. Unwholesome thoughts, unwholesome words, unwholesome deeds, you will have an accident, this is the retribution. This is talking about the general, not leaving cause and effect, cause and effect is self-acceptance. If our mind is good, our speech is…

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Lots of insecurities but still a lot of goodness

Normally, with Buddhists, whenever they encounter a negative scene, something unsatisfactory, they often complain: the end of the Dharma age is more bad and less good! Corona Virus – Insecurity and calm An elderly teacher also shared that now he doesn’t want to read the newspaper, because in the morning when he flips a few newspapers, his limbs are weak, because he has to read too much bad news. That…