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Compassion and wisdom manifest in actions, not words

Compassion and wisdom manifest in actions, not words. Saying everything is just talking. Worshiping for thousands of generations is just worship and respect. There is action, there is work to have results. Each of us, whether we believe in God or not, we all know that the Buddha’s intention is to teach people to be compassionate, honest, and do good deeds. If we recite Buddha’s name and worship Buddha every…

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Traces of reincarnation manifest through talent

Where did these timeless knowledge come from? Is it due to accumulation from previous lives in the process of reincarnation of human lives. The problem of giftedness and genius has long raised great questions among people. Indeed, how can it not be surprising that they are both human, but there are people with outstanding talent, outstanding talent, and there are people who are extremely dark, strangely stupid. Outstanding Talents: Not…

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Remnants of reincarnation manifest through contacts and relatives

There are many cases in the past life of this person, because the karmic relationship with the other person is so heavy that in this life they are naturally haunted by an urge to find the other person and sometimes the other person does not know. Many people in the world have the same comment on an issue: that is the relationship between husband and wife’s appearance. Most of a…