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Seeing suffering with awakened eyes

The reason we suffer is because we keep focusing on the unsatisfactory things but forget to return to cherishing the things we have. A person who is running out of energy, is overwhelmed by emotions, and trying to solve the problem will not only not solve the problem but can make the situation worse. Buddha advises us, there are times, let’s leave things unsatisfactory, don’t interfere. At that time, the…

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Parents, step back, accept your children with love

“Parents’ unconditional acceptance for their children is one of the greatest gifts that parents can give their children at any time. Especially when children are in trouble, miserable, stumbling on the road of life,” said Mr. Minh Niem. If you want your children to be healthy and filial to your parents, you should chant the Great Compassion Mantra Phat Giao.org.vn would like to quote the talk of Monk Thich Minh…