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Sit with your back straight and your body still, completely motionless. After sitting still, close or close your eyes. Our mind is like a glass of muddy water. The more we keep the glass of muddy water stationary, the more the mud will settle to the bottom and the water will be clear. Similarly, if we keep our body still, unmoving, placing all our attention undistracted on the object of…

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Let’s learn the law of discount stores

The gradual reduction is a method of approaching and reducing the defilements piecemeal, which is a common practice for beginners like most of us. “Once, the Buddha was traveling at Kosāsā, in the garden of Cuưla. At that time, the venerable Dai Chuna, at dusk, got up from his sitting position, went to the Buddha, and bowed down at his feet. Buddha, then sat down to one side, said: –…

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What practice to have long-term happiness?

So it is necessary to rely on the Dharma by practicing mindfulness and keeping the precepts to be happy… Devas are beings of the heavenly species, with more blessings than humans. However, if the gods do not know how to rely on the Dharma to practice liberation, they will still suffer birth and death in the three worlds, and even fail to maintain the blessings of the heavens. Therefore, the…