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Buddha’s birthday returns on Long Khanh island, Hong Ngu district

Happy Buddha’s Birthday. Sincerely pray for a peaceful home. Celebrating the Buddha’s birthday season of the 2566 solar calendar 2022, in two days 07-08 May 2022, Sister Thich Nu Hai Minh, abbot of Ngoc Khanh vihara (Long Khanh island, Long Thai hamlet, Hong Ngu district, Dong province) Tower) has organized many activities to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. Every year when the lotus blooms come, humanity from all over the world gathers…

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Learn some spiritual characteristics of Tue Trung Thuong Si’s Zen study through Tue Trung Thuong Si Ngu Luc

Tue Trung Thuong Si is a Zen scholar, Buddhist scholar, philosopher, politician, leader; At the same time, he was a brave, solid, independent, and outstanding Zen master under the Tran dynasty. Summary Zen thought of Tue Trung Thuong Si of the Tran Dynasty was associated with the point of view of non-dualism, view of nature, breaking attachment. Tue Trung clearly understands that in the essence of the dharma objects are…