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Overcoming the pitfalls of life

We stumble right on the ground, we also get up from the ground, we should not complain, blame anyone, but we have to rise up ourselves to overcome life’s traps. Buddhas and bodhisattvas only have the duty to guide us, it’s not up to us whether we can do it or not. Thanks to meeting the Buddha Dharma, we know how to master ourselves to overcome life’s pitfalls. Everything in…

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If the mind is quiet, the heart will be at peace

In human life, no one can avoid the circle of “birth – old age – illness – death”, and it is difficult for anyone to give up “Happiness – anger – love – oh”, “Greed – hatred – delusion”… If the mind is calm, then people’s hearts will be at peace… Humans are born and live in this world to pay off the debts of the world, pay off all…

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There is greed, hatred, and delusion, so you need to practice

“Because I still have greed, hatred, and delusion, I need to practice. Just like when people are sick, they need to take medicine…” Cultivation is to reduce greed, anger, and delusion, reduce bad habits, and reduce negative karma. Many people think that they still have a lot of greed, hatred, and delusion that they cannot cultivate. Actually, being a human being without flaws, more or less, everyone has passions that…