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Poem in memory of Venerable Thich Tu Huong

The world is a long dream. Sentient beings have stray species, delusional. Please return mercy. On all the wharfs swore an oath like… Honoring Most Venerable Thich Tu Huong. Most Venerable Thich Tu Huong was born in 1928, is a member of the Council for the Evidence of the Vietnamese Buddhist Church; Prove the Board of Directors of the Vietnam Buddhist Church in Gia Lai province; Former Member of the…

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The Bodhisattva ideal of Zen master Chan Nguyen in the poem of Quan Am Ban Hanh

Zen Master Chan Nguyen is a famous monk who is credited with restoring the source of Zen Truc Lam Yen Tu of Dai Viet Buddhism founded by Sister Tran Nhan Tong. The Buddhist literary works in Nom script composed by Zen Master, typically the works of Nam Hai Quan Am in their own right, all contain profound human values ​​for Dai Viet Buddhism, especially in terms of filial piety and…