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The internal connection is present because we live without mindfulness

The reason why internal links are present is because we live without understanding and without mindfulness. If mindfulness is always present, then when there are internal connections, we know immediately and we immediately find a way to remove them without difficulty. When two people live together, in order to keep their happiness for a long time, the first thing is that they must know how to immediately remove the internal…

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Cherish every word, please don’t hurt!

“Speaking to hurt others, is like this nail, although you can recover it, the damage done is like a scar on a tree trunk, forever indelible.” Once, a monk came to a village, a young man said some disrespectful words to the monk, another criticized this young man, the young man eloquently said: “No Just a few good sentences, I apologize to him!”. When the monk heard this, he smiled,…