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Inside the statue’s body is a priceless treasure

Over thousands of years, the world’s largest stone Buddha statue – Leshan Dai Buddha – has not stopped attracting scientists. With a height of 71 meters and occupying an area of ​​18 hectares, Leshan Dai Buddha is considered the largest stone Buddha statue in the world and the tallest in the world. This Maitreya Buddha statue was carved into The Loan cliff of Lingyun Mountain, in Sichuan province, China from…

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A smile is a priceless gift

Smile at each other, even if it’s someone you don’t know, that smile will illuminate the dark corners of your soul and brighten up even the darkest places. Grandparents often say: “One smile is equal to ten tonic scales”. Things will be simpler than you think if you give each other a smile from your sincere heart, meet someone you don’t know, you greet each other with a smile that…