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30 discoveries to help you wake up to overcome the pandemic

Here are some valuable tips from GS. John Vu – Nguyen Phong will help you understand the law of cause and effect and contribute to the whole society to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. Eternal life: A new view of the world, reincarnation and cause and effect first. “All that is directed outward has no lasting effect, because true understanding must come from within. When the outside world changes so much…

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Eternal life 2

“Forever Life 2” by Professor John Vu – Nguyen Phong has just been officially released, creating a fever when many readers hunt for it as a spiritual “vaccine” in the midst of the 4th Covid-19 pandemic. . “Forever Life 2” continues the unprecedented time travel with strange and fascinating stories of past lives and reincarnations that have captivated hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese readers of New York businessmen. Rich, intelligent…