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The victory of bowing to the Buddha

People bow to the Buddha, the mind is pure, the body is active, just like the appearance of the wheel, the outer circle is moving, but the center of the wheel is not moving. Fold your hands and bow to the Buddha Middle-aged and older people have to do at least 300 prostrations every day. In the past, I and the shaman Sam Van at Bo Ly at the thatched…

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Precious book for Buddhist learners

We Buddhists more or less know the outstanding merits of the method of paying homage to the Buddha, in the Kamma Retribution Sutra, we also mentioned 10 merits of the Buddha ceremony. But how to worship Buddha properly? How many methods of worshiping Buddha are there? The meaning of bowing to the name Phap Hoa Ancient virtue once taught: “Reciting the Buddha’s name in one sentence is boundless, One bow…