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A life of purity, a life of cultivation

On the evening of October 21, 2021, the Sangha of the Enlightenment Pagoda respectfully and solemnly held a memorial ceremony for the Great Elder HT. Thich Pho Tue (1917 – 2021). At 3:22 am on the same day, the venerable monks, nuns, Buddhists, and devotees of Buddhism across the country received sad news about the Lord of France The Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha has collected the deceased members of the Buddhist…

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“The chief nun, Thich Nu Hue Giac, the boat of purity”

Another spring has come again, holding in her hand the book: “Nin Chief Thich Nu Hue Giac the boat of serenity”, so many emotions overflowing that no pen and paper can describe… Biography of Chief Nun Thich Nu Hue Giac – Patriarch of the Lien Tong Pure Land Non Bong The book “The nun Thich Nu Hue Giac, the boat of purity”, was compiled by Lien Tong Tinh Do Non…