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The Role of Buddhism in the New Age

Buddhist ideology has value beyond space and time. Buddhism takes living beings as an object to serve, puts its existence in close correlation with the existence and evolution of human society. Buddhism on the way of spreading and integrating is always associated with two basic factors: a contract and a contract. The case is emphasizing the ideological, the contract is emphasizing the historical. Thanks to the contract, the thought is…

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If you are a monk, you must be a role model

Those are the words of the Venerable Thich Pho Tue, the Dharma Chairman of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha Proving Council, advising monks and nuns in a time when teachers and students of Hanoi Buddhist Intermediate School went to Vien Minh’s communal house to pay their respects to ask for his precepts. He also emphasized on the quality of the teacher, that the teacher must be knowledgeable and capable to educate…