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Keeping precepts is like keeping a tree’s roots

When practicing keeping the precepts, it will strengthen the protection of the apartments. Protecting solid apartments will help to make the precepts more fulfilling. The great benefits of keeping the five precepts “Once, the Buddha was staying in the country of Sāvat, in the forest of Thang Lam, in the garden of Solitude. At that time, the venerable Sāriputta said to the bhikkhus: – Monks, a bhikkhu who violates the…

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Thinking about the bhikshu’s roots and the requirements of the times

The article is an attempt to approach the bhikshu root, its origin and external manifestations. The core is highly stable, but its external expression has a degree of change to adapt from time to time to the evolution of history through each period. INTRODUCTIONS Nearly a hundred years from the second half of the nineteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century was the period when our country…