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Sowing seeds of goodness from doing good deeds will bring blessings

Each good deed you sow for life more seeds of happiness and also makes your life more valuable. The Buddha taught us to know how to let go of greed, selfishness, petty, meanness…. Spread positive energy Spreading positive energy is a kind of good behavior. While inspiring others, you also receive blessings. On the one hand, the person who is able to spread positive energy is first of all a…

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A place where the seeds of Vietnamese Buddhism are planted

Ngoc Hai Communal House (Ngoc Hai Monastery No. 441/18 Nguyen Trai Street, Cam Linh Ward, Cam Ranh City, Khanh Hoa Province) belongs to Congregation III of the Mendicant Buddhist Sect – a place of pure meditation, a place of incubation. the seeds of Vietnamese Buddhism goodness. It is one of the viharas run by Elder Giac An – Second Vice President of the Vietnam Mendicant Sangha Church, and the son…

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Nun Thich Nu Nhuan Binh with the wish to sow the seeds of wisdom is happiness

The monastic life of Sister Thich Nu Nhuan Binh is like the pages of a book “Between two lines” and must overcome oneself to beautify the world and contribute to the Buddha’s propagation of the Dharma. Born in a sunny and windy rural area known as “the land plowed on rocks” of the land of Quang Tri – Central, the weather is full of adverse weather, the crops are always…