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Avoiding sex is like avoiding fire

The Buddha taught that: Those who practice the path of liberation are like carrying hay. If they encounter fire, they must avoid them. Likewise, when a Taoist encounters sex, he must avoid it. The main meaning that this literary sutra portrays is the image of a liberated practitioner who is called a Taoist, who needs to separate from what is sex, which belongs to sex. Desire and the path of…

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Indulging in sex is more fun and less painful

“Once the Buddha was in Kosala, traveling among the world and was accompanied by a large assembly of bhikkhus. At that time, the Blessed One was walking in the middle of the road when he suddenly saw a large pile of trees in a place burning fiercely. When the Blessed One saw this, he immediately walked down the side of the road, went to another tree, spread out his nirvana,…