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Buddha teaches about the weak sex

Having taken on a human condition, of course everyone has suffering. But women, because of gender karma must carry the motherhood, so they have a specific psycho-physiological structure, being the weak sex and of course have their own sufferings that are different from that of men, men… Buddha’s View of Gender The Buddha taught about the weak sex five separate sufferings Once the Blessed One was staying at Rajagaha, at…

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Avoiding sex is like avoiding fire

The Buddha taught that: Those who practice the path of liberation are like carrying hay. If they encounter fire, they must avoid them. Likewise, when a Taoist encounters sex, he must avoid it. The main meaning that this literary sutra portrays is the image of a liberated practitioner who is called a Taoist, who needs to separate from what is sex, which belongs to sex. Desire and the path of…

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Indulging in sex is more fun and less painful

“Once the Buddha was in Kosala, traveling among the world and was accompanied by a large assembly of bhikkhus. At that time, the Blessed One was walking in the middle of the road when he suddenly saw a large pile of trees in a place burning fiercely. When the Blessed One saw this, he immediately walked down the side of the road, went to another tree, spread out his nirvana,…