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Long life and short life according to the Buddha’s teachings

The cause and effect of life expectancy is very clear and transparent, no powerful or supernatural being has the right to govern and decide human life. Thanks to the merit of repenting from beginningless time for killing, live a long life Each person living in the world has a different status and life expectancy. At one time, the Blessed One was staying at Sàvatthi, at Jetavana, in the monastery of…

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Short Story: Two Mothers

Kindness, very noble. Sacrifice, more precious. But is it enough? The following short story by Kieu Bich Hau can help us answer this question, in the form of a modern parable. Through a touching story about a woman who adopted an autistic child. Illustration. Using her legs as shackles, squeezing Pineapple in her lap, holding a rice spoon in her hand, holding her forehead, Thinh tried to put the rice…

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Short Story: Where is Buddha?

Once upon a time, there was a guy reading sutras, hearing about the Buddha, he liked it very much, so he definitely went to find him before he heard it. The guy wrapped the melon and left. After experiencing countless mountains, rivers, pits, dangers… he still has not met the Buddha like the figure described in the sutras: “Buddha body is golden, six feet tall, complete. 32 good generals, 80…