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The super bridge must be sincere

All sentient beings and species are born from karma, that karma is created by the mind, changing karma is also transferred from the mind. Therefore, the meaning of transcending, saving the negative people from suffering effectively or not is determined by the human mind. A Buddhist woman surnamed Wang in Tianjin, her sister-in-law over thirty years old fell ill and died. Before her death, she asked her husband for two…

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Sincere condolences

True Buddha’s children, in addition to practicing self-transformation, fulfilling filial piety, need to make efforts to support the conditions, encourage the two bodies to be pure in the Three Jewels, abide in the good precepts, diligently practice giving, and be happy with each other. offerings and especially the achievement of right view. Caring for one’s parents is one of the basic ethical standards of Buddhists. At one time, the Blessed…