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Comprehension about sleep

From the Buddhist point of view, sleeping (lobe) is a sex dish, even ranked first in the five sex dishes: talent – form – name – real – lobe. The Buddha taught “minimum education tri content”. Accordingly, sleep is necessary to maintain body and mind, but just enough is best. Modern medicine has proven that getting enough sleep is an important factor for good health and reducing the risk of…

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Uninjured people are hungry to eat, tired to sleep

Later Zen masters have followed the practice of “hunger to eat, sleep to sleep” of the Blessed One, that is, “No mind to ask for Zen”. When “the work is done, the burden has been laid down”, they can be as free as they want, freely and without hindrance. At one time, the Blessed One was staying at Rajagaha, at Veluvana. Then the Blessed One, after walking in the open…

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Cultivate loving-kindness to protect the body, sleep peacefully

The pandemic is happening very complicatedly, causing many people to live in anxiety and insecurity, even in their sleep. So what are the sutras to protect the body, and to have a peaceful sleep? This article will find simple, easy-to-remember, and easy-to-practice suttas – both to protect the body and have a peaceful sleep. The writer has no authority, here is mainly the Buddha’s teaching. Errors, if any, please repent.…