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Nearly 300 students, teachers, and parents experience studying at the temple

On June 24, 286 students, 62 teachers and parents of Viet My International Primary School had moments of experience in studying at Giac Ngo Pagoda, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. At the beginning of the retreat, the students were instructed by the Sangha to pay respects to the Three Jewels and read the Vu Lan – Filial piety sutra. After that, the children continued to be guided to meditate.…

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Why is the more reverent mind more beneficial in studying Buddhism?

Great Master An Quang said: “Praying the Buddha Dharma in reverence is part of the benefit; ten parts reverence is ten parts benefit.” Everyone is very familiar with this saying, but very few people really understand the meaning of “respect” and “require” the Dharma. “Gun” is “just mind”, together with the Buddha together into one mind: understanding the meaning of the Buddha’s teaching. “Pray” is to subdue “conceit” (the obstacle…